Resin products

PK-PRO resin products are made from high quality 2-component polyurethane resins. We pay a lot for the production of a clean and bubble free casting. After the production we run the products through a quality control. Products with defects are sorted out. Productions processes may, however minor casting defects, such as bubbles. This is not a reason for complaint and in this case it is not a entitled to warranty and replacement.

Instructions for use

The following instructions for dealing with resin products should be respected!

1. Cleaning: Clean the resin product with water, soap and a brush. Rinse with clear water and at least dry it well for one day. This will ensure that no resin oil residues are left on the product, which could prevent optimal primer!
2. Deburring: Remove all burrs with a craft knife and cast the remains of the base or the miniature. Sometimes it is necessary to rework parts with fine sand paper.
3. Check: With miniature bases, you should check the status of the base and rework if necessary with sandpaper in order to have an optimal level for the thumbnail.
4. Attaching miniatures/assemblies: Miniatures should be donated at best, and then fixed with super glue on the base.

Tin products

PK-PRO tin products are made from high quality tin alloy. This includes lead, which can be chewed or swallowed, causing health problems.

Instructions for use

The following instructions for dealing with tin products should be considered.

1. Deburring: Remove with a craft knife, file or sandpaper all burrs and casting residues from the product.
2. Assembly: Miniatures should best be donated and then glued with super glue. Any potential gaps should be filled with green stuff.

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