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Tabletop and model making are a hobby for young and old. If you want to build models, you need not only calm hands and a lot of patience, but also the right tools. In our online shop you will find more than 15,000 different articles from over 200 manufacturers in more than 100 categories. Our speciality is accessories for the tabletop and model making hobby. You will also find suitable literature. Our offer is suitable for every scale and every kind of model making. Whether tabletop, airplane model construction, ship model construction, figure model construction, vehicles from the military range, civilian models of passenger cars and trucks or SciFi models from well-known films and series.
Model building accessories - cheap bought and fast delivered
We offer worldwide shipping and fast delivery by DHL or Deutsche Post. Thanks to our high stock availability, there are no long waiting times. Simply look around in the appropriate categories and place your order. You are not yet conclusive and need expert advice? Trust our many years of experience (since 2005) and benefit from our excellent support, which is characterized by fast response times and a high satisfaction rate. Many of our employees have decades of experience as model builders and miniature painters themselves and can empathize with your concerns.
Who is PK-PRO?
PK-PRO is your partner for model building accessories and airbrush from OWL. In Hövelhof, between Paderborn and Bielefeld on the A33 is the HQ of the family business founded in 2005 by Jan Felix Meier, alias Pinselknecht. To finance the engineering studies, the first online shop was set up and operated from the student flat. With the knowledge from already 10 years in the hobby a founded specialized knowledge was present. Initially with self-cast resin bases and a small but fine range of basing material, years later the hobbyist was to be provided with a wide range of material for handicrafts and painting.
Colours, brushes and airbrushes are the motto. "Because we can do everything, except miniatures and models!“
Airbrush and Compressors
In the field of airbrush we offer everything the model maker, custom painter or fine art artist needs. We carry airbrush guns from the manufacturers Harder and Steenbeck, Sparmax, IWATA, Badger, CREATEX, Paasche, Vega and Omni. Our range of compressors includes the manufacturers Euro-Tec, Hansa Aero-pro, Sparmax, Werther and IWATA. Whether "Airbrush Starter Sets" or professional equipment. In addition, we offer an extensive range of airbrush accessories including a spare parts and repair service of all listed brands. In the area Airbrushzubehör you will find cleaning material, exhaust systems, templates, holders, personal protective equipment and masking agents. You will find a wide range of compressed air accessories, quick couplings, hose connectors, hose connections, gaskets, double nipples, adapters, quick couplings and plug nipples in the nominal sizes NW 2.7 mm, NW 5.0 mm and NW 7.2 mm.
We guarantee you will find what you are looking for.
Unfortunately you will not find any miniatures or model kits with us. Also the manufacturers Games Workshop, Privateer Press or Revell you won't find with us.
Base design and diorama construction
Are your tin, plastic or resin models looking for a place on a plastic base, a small vignette or a diorama? No matter how exactly your miniatures, tanks, airplanes or ships are built and painted - they only come to life with the right base. In our categories Bases & Sockets as well as Base Design you will find all accessories for peripheral design. In addition to our own brands Ätztech, Base-Land and Creative-Pro, our range includes a wide variety of manufacturers for a wide variety of design projects, including Albion Alloys, GamersGrass, Green Line by Fredericus Rex, Juweela, Krycell, MiniNatur, Plusmodel, Polak, Reality in Scale and Woodland Scenics. For winter landscapes we have model snow, powder snow, snow paste and ice plates. For dioramas with water we offer liquid water, model water, wave foam and even modelable water for waterfalls. You need etched parts, balsa wood or polystyrene plates or profiles, model sheets, model grass, model trees, base litter, litter material, bits, sandbags, paper sheets, laser cut sheets, brass chains or ceramic bricks? We also have modelling pastes, cork plates, plastic plants, tufts of grass, foliage, shrubs, gears and steampunk sets as well as neon rods and structural plates.
Our offer is not bound to any scale but can be used universally for scales such as 1:35, 1:48, 1:72, 1:100 and 1:200. More details are hardly possible.
Model building paints and model building tools
The painting of models is an art that not everyone has mastered for a long time. In addition to a steady hand, you need suitable colours that are easy to apply and retain their luminosity for a long time. In our range you will find colours from the colour ranges of the largest colour manufacturers in the world. Acrylic colours from Vallejo, Inktensity from Scale 75, Washes from The Artmy Painter, Enamel colours from AK Interactive, Pigments from AMMO of Mig Jimenez, Ink from Schmincke, Weathering Effects from Dirty Down, Filters from MIG Productions and Oil paints from 502 department. In addition there are painting materials from Amsterdam and Microscale Industries. Looking for brushes? We help you with the world's best natural hair brushes from Winsor and Newton, DaVinci Defet and Raphael. Or with synthetic brushes from The Army Painter, Springer Brushes, Minibrushes or Aquash. Our range of painting accessories is comprehensive. Wet pallets from our own production or from Masterson Art are available as well as simple plastic or aluminium pallets in round or square, brush holders, brush boxes, paint bowls, cases and paint cases. Brush care is also provided with a brush restorer, cleaner, brush soap or brush washer. We hold the exclusive distribution of the original and world's best Rathcore miniature holders and handles including the popular cork adapters. The design of the painting place is rounded off with the complete offer of Hobbyzone with its practical Workbench Organizer System.
In addition, we also offer you an extensive and helpful range of accessories and tools such as files, drills, grinding needles, resin saws, bending aids and much more. You will also find many alternatives to current products under our own PK-PRO label.
Technical literature: Magazines and periodicals
Our model building magazines and periodicals will keep you up to date with the latest model building news and at the same time provide you with a good portion of specialist knowledge. Expand your horizons with The Weathering Magazine, AKTION-Wargame and DAMAGED. Get inspiration with books and DVDs and your new project can only succeed!