Important innovation at Harder & Steenbeck!

2022-04-14 20:18:00 / Shop-News at PK-PRO
Important innovation at Harder & Steenbeck! - Important innovation at Harder & Steenbeck!
Important innovation at Harder & Steenbeck!
H&S has changed the 0.2mm nozzle for the Ultra/Evolution/Infinity. That's why there are changes in the air heads! The air cap 0.15 / 0.2 mm for EVOLUTION, COLANI + GRAFO also suitable for INFINITY + ULTRA-[123763] is structurally modified and is now only suitable for the 0.2 mm nozzle. No 0.15 mm nozzles fit in this air cap. There will no longer be a separate 0.15mm air cap for the Evolution series.
Remnants of the 0.15/0.2 mm air cap can be found here:
The production of the nozzle set 0.15mm for EVOLUTION, INFINITY, ULTRA + GRAFO-(needle+nozzle+seal)-[127903] is discontinued.
Remaining stocks can still be purchased from us (!
If you still want to install a 0.15 mm nozzle+needle in your Evolution, we have already identified a possible alternative combination for you!
If you want to have a complete 0.15mm nozzle set, then you could use the 0.15mm fine line nozzle set for EVOLUTION, INFINITY, ULTRA + GRAFO-(needle+nozzle+seal)-[126823].
You can find it here:
For the air caps of the Infinity Fine Line series, there are the following innovations (items can be easily found in our shop with the search function and using the item number!):
The nickel-plated 0.15 mm air cap now has the item number H&S-126783, the nickel-plated 0.2 mm air cap has the item number H&S-126923.
The chromed air case for the Crplus series in 0.15 mm now has the part number H&S-126784, the 0.2 mm version has the part number H&S-126924
Happy Easter to you all!
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