Roman Lappat Miniature Art Vol 1
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Roman Lappat Miniature Art Vol 1
ACHTUNG. Diese Ausgabe ist in ENGLISCHER Sprache!

WARNING. This issue is only in ENGLISH language.

"The Inspirational collection of Roman's Unique and outstanding miniature artwork of the last 7 years in one book. 124 pages filled with pure happy painting."

Printed in Litho offset printing, within the UK. Limited to a single print run with the potential for more when future volumes are released!

On 200 GSM silk paper with 300 GSM Silk softcover binding.

Pulling together Roman's artwork of high quality photos together in 124 pages for your viewing pleasure.

Layout by Momo Pügerl

"In this book you will find projects painted with a lot of emotion and feeling. There will be a clear story in some of them, in others the story is hidden in the ones who are willing to look closely and find. But in all of them you will find passion, dynamic, and atmosphere that is unique. Roman puts his heart and soul into the things he creates, and it clearly shows in every brushstroke" - Josua Lai
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