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Transport case is the best solution for the carriage miniatures and models, the interior is covered with felt so that your models are really safe. It was designed by professional modelers, thus creating a high quality product that will meet all your expectations. The main advantages of case: - Felted interior walls which provide protection of models /figures against damages - Two internal removable shelves, five levels of height settings, allows you to configure your own in some models - Two handy drawers for accessories and tools - Robust construction of case protects models during the transportation - Rubber feet provides stability of the case - A convenient handle for easy carrying. Dimensions: 45 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm, weight: about 5 kg. To stabilize the model we recommend self adhesive mass UHU Patafix which is available for purchase in every city / country. We recommend painting the cases with the varnish to increase resistance to dirt that may occur during transport. Organizer does not include accessories and tools, pictures shows a sample of equipment. The set consists perfectly fitting parts and installation instructions. Placing the whole set is not something complicated. For the combination of elements, you will need a small quantity of wood glue.
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