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Professional Paintstation mit folgender Konfiguration

Unterste Reihe (1 Reihe) = für große Flaschen (35 mm)
Mittlere und obere Reihe (2 & 3 Reihe) = für kleine Flaschen (25mm)

Table for painting consists of a stands measuring 60 cm x 40 cm x 8 cm, has three rows to put paint where it should fit up to 50 pieces. A dozen holes to the brushes, nail files, knives, glue, etc, two water cup holders. Extended tabletop will prevent dirt the place where you paint. It has an additional wings which can be install at any time. You can placed there items to be painted or other items. Convenient holders on the sides of the table provide a stable moving. Table does not include accessories, pictures show an example of equipment. The set consists perfectly fitting parts and installation instructions. Placing the whole set is not something complicated. For the combination of elements, you will need a small quantity of wood glue.
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