BADGER BD-107 DVD T-Shirt Airbushing
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BADGER BD-107 DVD T-Shirt Airbushing
BADGER BD-107 DVD T-Shirt Airbushing

T-Shirt Airbrushing Start to Finish (from Badger Air-Brush Co.)
Run Time: 60 minutes

Segment one introduces viewers to the airbrush and provides basic information regarding maintenance and information about various paints, tools and accessories that are available to make airbrushing easier.

Segment two introduces viewers into basic airbrush techique for T-shirt painting including introductory exercises to familiarize viewers with "triggering" the Airbrush. It also introduces you to using stencils to improve t-shirt airbrushing proficiency and takes viewers step by step through a popular t-shirt design.

Segment three teaches you varying lettering types with the airbrush and various free-hand and stencil techniques while completing some popular beach and water t-shirt designs as well as providing you some valuable instruction on a unique cartoon design.
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