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Welcome to the future. Set in a hypothetical reality where years of diplomacy and posturing has brought two antagonistic worldviews and two different ways of understanding international politics closer to the brink. THIRD WORLD WAR, THE WORLD IN CRISIS lays out how and where a large-scale confrontation for the control of Asia and the word could take place. A new concept in modeling genre. An alternate future reality based upon contemporary tensions. Never seen camouflage schemes and new designs for a story conceived by historians, political analysts, and world class modelers. New and hybrid weapons specifically developed for the conflict. First-hand eye witness accounts of those who sacrificed everything to defend their flags in this fictitious global crisis. AMMO by MIG Jiménez brings you a new concept in modeling books, a unique publication that not only documents how to build, paint, and weather our models: but also novelizes and speculates about various hypothetical scenarios to highlight our subjects: military aircraft. Different protagonists with conflicting objectives will be revealed, the stage is set on the eve of conflict. We will fly over the skies of the Pacific Ocean and Europe as tensions rise We will accompany ground crew and civilians swept up in the conflict And we will follow front line fighter pilots on the eve of the high stakes operation that could result in the decent into global war
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