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For the very first time in the world of modeling, we introduced a new quarterly magazine exclusively dedicated to weathering effects and painting techniques. This magazine has a very special structure, covering all aspects of more realistic and necessary painting techniques. Here you will find these techniques explained by the very best modelers, making the techniques simple to understand and learn. This first issue is dedicate to rust and shows many different methods of application on ships, tanks, tracks, civil vehicles and much more. Also, this first issue contains many visual references and reviews of a wide range of products related to this subject. Finally this issue includes a report covering the 2012 Shizouka show. As something refreshing, a new character guide the modeller in each subject changing our hobby for a more fun and entertaining experience. The modeller also can collect each issue and create their own library of techniques and effects in an easy and practical way. THE WEATHERING MAGAZINE is and will definitely be a cornerstone and a reference for all modellers. This magazine is another example of a complete, collectable, inexpensive and professional magazine.
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