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Spezielles Resinpuder, mit deutlich höherer Struktur als bei Pigmenten. Zur Darstellung von Verschmutzungen geeignet. Inhalt:20ml. Don?t call them pigments ! They are special resin, self-adhesive (on a water-wet surface) powders. Their texture is more similar to a very thin sand, compared with the powdery pigments. So, they are suited to easily reproduce a well defined earth dirt build up on any scale models. All formulations have just been updated in texture and adherence, for still better results. Many the features : Since ditying is the most delicate passage of weathering, which can ruin a kit forever, they are self-adhesive but partially removable when dry with a hard brush., or totally removable with soapy water. This feature also helps for straked and leaked effects. Totally non-aggressive on your kits, since you just use water to set them in place. The peculiar texture avails a well defined and progressive layering as you like, thin effects to conspicuous build ups. Ready to use without any addition, EUROPEAN EARTH are scaled down colors, for realistic dry earth. For wet effects use FIX & WET. The new INTENSE EARTH, for who prefers more intense tones. Also mixed with any of EUROPEAN EARTH to tone them up. All of them are mixable together to achieve all the colors you want. For wet effect and to fix them if needed, see FIX & WET.

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