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In diesem Set findet man : - 8 spezielle Zombie-Farben im 18ml Fläschchen - 1 Basis Schwarzton im 18ml Fläschchen - 1 Zombie Shader Ink - 1 Pinsel : Highlightning Brush Zombicide fans rejoice! This is the ultimate paint set for ANY type of zombie. It includes carefully researched colour tones to reflect the human anatomy in a decomposed state. With colours like Brainmatter Beige and Crusted Sore and worse, The Army Painter team has had a nasty job researching the right tones. We researched these ? so you don?t have to! The paint set includes 8 new Warpaint tones + a brand new Quickshade Ink tone - for a total of 10 Warpaints. It also includes a FREE brush to get you started.
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