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Hochdetailierte und realistisch gestaltete Matte zur Landschaftsgestaltung. Göße: 30x20 cm.

Wild Grass & Hills Type 3 - dark brown earth, light green grass, irregular surface. This highly detailed Landscape Mat measures appr. 20 x 30cm and is 1cm thick. Mat can be made thinner by peeling of a layer of the backing material. The flexible mats can easily be cut with scissors and glued with white glue. One or more mats can easily be joined to create a bigger mat.

The handmade Landscape Mats from Reality in Scale are the most realistic scenery mats on the market today. Each flexible mat is very detailed and has a super realistic look. Most mats are not flat like a golf court but have realistic cracks, height differences, bumps and other irregularities, just like a real wild meadow.

And it is not just grass, nearly all mats feature patches of grass ánd earth, both in very convincing colours. With a wide range available, there's always a mat that suits your requirements.

So don't look any further, these are the most realistic scenic mats available!
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