RedgrasGames - Painter - Starter Pack
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RedgrasGames - Painter - Starter Pack
Acclaimed by pro painters. Our palette with the best hydration system on earth. Size: 15cm x 20 cm (5,9? x 7,9?)

The paint won?t dry out during your painting session. You can stop painting for days. With our hydration system, and our smooth surface, you will be able to perform advanced technics. Designed for you to enjoy your miniature painting!

Made for miniature painters looking for a good sized wet palette, that is compact and easy to carry. It?s perfect for small to medium sized paint stations. Everlasting Wet Palette can be extended using the top lid as a side tray.

A perfectly designed and resistant wet palette:
Painter, made from strong ABS, was designed with the miniature painter in mind. Low profile, with a TPE joint, it will be the perfect tool for painting miniatures. The size is perfect for most miniature setup, and will allow people to carry their painting projects with confidence. As a nice addition, the lid can be used as a side tray.

Our hydration paper is unique:
Our Unique formula create the perfect membrane to moisturise your paint. It won?t create bleeding or overflowing, will stabilise the paint and thus help you mast the most advanced technics. It?s also easy to use, as it is cut to dimension and will stick to the foam once in place.

Our foam is the perfect match for our paper:

The foam was designed to have a very smooth surface, neutral colour and store a lot of water for its weight.
Naturally mold resistant, it will not allow the growth of mold. So no bad smell, even after a few days. And it won?t deteriorate over time.

NOT INCLUDED Wavy Well Palette remarkable design make it useful and fun to use
Wavy is the first well palette with 5 wells for inks and highly diluted paint combined with a brush holder. Magnetic attachment will allow you to easily attach wavy. Easy to clean. Lefty and righty friendly.

The best wet palette to paint miniatures: Painter Starter Pack

Available now in a simpler more affordable Starter Pack with everything you need to get started. Pro Painters love it, Everlasting is the only palette certified to work amazingly!

Best in class paper and foam, with a perfectly designed case will help beginners and veterans alike improve their painting experience in no time.

Unique Features
Best hydration system - No overflowing No bleeding
Extend your space - The top lid is a second wet palette
Master - Master advanced painting technics
Start & Stop at will - You can stop painting for a few minutes, hours or days
Worry free - Mold resistant foam, ABS case
Effortless setup - It works straight out of the box

Everything to get started - Painter Starter Pack:
1 Everlasting wet palette painter size (15x20cm)
15 sheets of hydration paper
1 hydration foam pads
1 strap band
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