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PK-PRO PU Resin Giessharz is a high-quality two-component casting compound.
Suitable for the tabletop and model hobby. Can be used for master models, figures, control casts, sample parts, etc.

This product contains monomeric isocyanate (MDI). According to the ChemVerbotsV for MDI-containing products:
- A tax may be paid to private purchasers, as far as they have reached the age of 18.
- Is a confirmation of the purchaser about the intended use required. The necessary form can be found here.

Features and Application:
- Mixing ratio 1: 1, by weight,
- very good flowability,
- low odor,
- color after curing: beige,
- can be dyed with our casting resin paints,
- very high strength,
- Impact after final curing,
- after final curing easy to machine (drilling, grinding, etc.),
- forms a closed surface (can be painted and designed),
- not UV-resistant.

- Making shapes, models, miniatures, terrain parts, etc. in the tabletop and model hobby,
- Especially suitable for figures, dioramas, miniatures and small parts with particularly fine contours,
- Creating decorative objects in crafts,
- universal for shapes and models of all kinds.

Further product information:
Color component A: whitish / beige
Color component B: beige
Mixture: 1: 1 by weight.
Processing time (100g) at 25 ° C: 2 minutes
Release time at 25 ° Celsius: 15 minutes
Viscosity: 60 mPas.
End shore hardness: D 75
Heat resistant: up to 65-70 ° C
Specific weight: 1.00.
Tensile strength: 27 MPa
Tensile extension: 5%
Flexural strength: 32 MPa
Bending modulus of elasticity: 660 MPa
Linear shrinkage: approx. 0.16%.

Processing instructions
Thoroughly homogenize both components separately before use. Add the sediment to it!
Mix both components at room temperature (> 18 ° C) according to the specified mixing ratio until complete homogeneity. Look for scraps on the floor and walls!
Before casting, ensure that the molds used are free of moisture and release agent residues. Über Google ÜbersetzerCommunityMobil Über GoogleDatenschutzerklärung & NutzungsbedingungenHilfeFeedback geben
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