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Powerful in Ki and armoured in Kakusa Exo-Armour. The Tiger Dragons use their Tambu no.4 SMGs and Power Nagita to dispatch the enemies of the Mishima Corporation

3x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models

6x Cards

3x 40mm bases

Type: Support

Model count: 3-6 per unit

Many centuries have passed since the Kakusa Temple was founded and its connections to the Soshomara Temple of Enlightenment have been all but forgotten; but to this day, the immeasurable impact of the Tiger Dragons the Kakusa Temple has spawned is clear. They are the key to almost every Liege-Lord?s retinue, favoured for their renowned close combat capabilities and specialist training. Tiger Dragons are able to pass unseen through even the most barren of environments, ready to strike at the heart of their foes with precise devastation. Ki training is a critical and constant part of their preparation from the moment they follow the path of enlightenment in the ways of the Tiger Dragon.

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