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Ronin Samauri, the honourless of the honourful Mishima Corporation. They are looking for honour in death can you help them achieve it?

5x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models

6x Cards

5x 30mm bases

Type: Troops

Model count: 5 - 12 per unit

The culture of the Mishima Corporation is founded on honour and martial pride. Mishiman citizens are fanatical about their status within society and the honour it brings; it is core to their being and sense of self. If one falls from grace or loses status they may find themselves a Ronin Samurai. Such occurrences are frequent and are often beyond the control of the individual in question. If or when a liege-lord and his entire fiefdom are destroyed, for example, in war or by the actions of a rival lord, the surviving, but masterless Samurai are scattered. Some complete ritual suicide, an act known as seppuku. Others become Ronin Samurai. Many other Samurai find themselves without honour for all manner of reasons, most common of all is war. Sometimes a Bushido Samurai may be dismissed from service for acting dishonourably, with cowardice or with disregard to the procedures of war.

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