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The Hatamoto are bedressed in heavy armour and often fill the role of bodyguard. The elite of these elite are the Ebon Guard.

5x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models

6x Cards

5x 30mm bases

Type: Troops

Model count: 5 - 10 per unit

It is a great honour for any Mishiman warrior to be chosen by their Liege-Lord for service as an elite guard. As a Hatamoto, the warrior is instated as guard to the higher echelons of Mishima elite, including the Lord Heir himself. Trusted and honoured to an equal extent, this is the highest position any Samurai could ever hope for. These troops are the best infantry that the Mishima Corporation has to offer, with a perfect skill balance of traditional close combat training as well as a high proficiency in firearm use. The Hatamoto represent the absolute, unequivocal masters of warfare in the Mishiman domain.

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