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Spezielles Acryl Farben Set mit 6 Acryl-Farben. Enthält 6 Farben zu je 17ml Tropffläschchen.

This set, with one of the most emblematic fighter planes of all WWII on its cover, allows to represent the American planes with metal skins or olive green painting versions serving during the war like the P-51, P-47, P38, P-39, B -17, B-24, etc. This set also includes with the two interior color variants.

This set contains:
-MC-502 Silver.
-MC-511 Aluminum.
-MC-298 U.S. Olive Drab.
-MC-299 Interior Yellow or Zinc Chromate.
-MC-300 Interior Green.
-MC-202 Rubber Black.

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