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M2A3 Volume 2 is the second in the series of joint AMMO and SABOT Publications books. This volume features over 150 pages of large high resolution full color photos of Bradleys in the United States. In this volume you will find all the necessary information to detail, paint and weather many more of your Bradley modelling projects, especially those in tan base color. This volume includes large color photos of vehicles in all types of environments, color plates to highlight paint schemes and markings, and plenty of examples of light to heavy weathering. You will see lots of freshly painted Bradleys in tan as well as NATO camouflage in Korea, with many examples consisting of parts that are both green and tan mixed! If you are a Bradley Fighting Vehicle fan, or simply interested in modern armor, you do not want to miss this book. This is the 2nd title in a 2-volume series.
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