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Sieb 1 x 700 Mikron Labor-Edelstahl-Sieb.

Sieve 1 x 700 micron laboratory grade stainless steel sieve. You know, in an age of disposability, we buck the trend. Not only do we supply our product in a beautifully hand crafted hand stitched box, but we fill it with items of longevity and delight.

One of those items is this sieve. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, it will last a lifetime and will compliment your general modelling.
Of course, it's primary use, is to distribute our Krycell powder. However, it can be used for all things modelling and for a few other uses too!
At this price, we're giving them away really. You will be astounded as to the quality of this item............ 'We mean it!'
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