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Krycell Camouflage Farbe ist eine einfache und vielseitig einsetzbare Farbe, um damit weiße Winter Lackierung für alle Militärfahrzeuge und Gegenstände zu kreieren. Inhalt: 50 mL.

Krycell Camouflage paint is an easy to use versatile material to create white winter paintwork for all millitary vehicles and items.

Our winter White Camouflage paint is unique.

It is designed to copy the majority of paintwork that was seen on Aircraft, vehicles and buildings in time of War. Paint was applied using basic materials and often, any white paint or whitewash was used. The effects of using poor materials and poor application methods meant that the paint wore off easily.

We designed our paint so it would not give a 'spray painted' finish that is too fine and too weel finished. We wanted to produce a white camouflage paint that shared the same character as that found in sheds and stores across Europe and the world.

Our paint is designed to be applied all over a vehicle, or building. Then it can be removed a little at a time to slowly reveal the colour, insignia and camouflage underneath. This is the correct way to simulate a common sight.

Using just basic tools and water, it is easy to replicate the effects of brushing trees and bushes, rainwater and people rubbing the makeshift paint off.
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Frage zum Produkt
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