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The Black Widow is truly the most terrifying prospect within the mass that is the forces of Dark Legion, spreading horror, death, decay and insanity in equal measure.

1x Multipart 150mm long and 200mm wide (32mm scale) Resin model

6x Cards

Type: Heavy Vehicle

Model count: 1

Deep within the countless Citadels of Algeroth, teem hordes of Tekrons. Each and every one grafts tirelessly, manufacturing a varied arsenal of vile machines of destruction for Algeroth, the lord of War and Technology. Amongst the most prominent of all these abominations is the epitome of Necrotechnology, a construct with a name unsayable in the human tongue, a machine that feeds on fear and insanity, the arachnid-like Black Widow. The Black Widow is truly the most terrifying prospect within the mass that is the forces of Dark Legion, spreading horror, death, decay and insanity in equal measure. Like all of Algeroth?s fighting machines, the Black Widow is a resurrected and re-configured distortion of captured technology, a horrific visage designed to feed the base terrors ingrained in every human. Warped by the Black Technology of Algeroth, its hull is pockmarked with an endemic of malignant necrotechnological growths; each one atomically sharp and so able to cut through any armour humanity has to offer. The beast pays foul homage to the malevolent nature of its master. A Necrotech engine glows ominously with the power of Dark Symmetry from the depths of the Black Widow?s bulbous thorax. It has such Dark Potential that it acts as a beacon to the Legion forces surrounding it, driving them forward with an unnatural vigour of evil intent, any human caught in its web of madness for even a moment are driven into a raving, hallucinogenic insanity. The armour varies from one Black Widow to another, but more often than not, they are rife with decaying faecal brown and intermittent hints of bruised purple or nauseating puce and greens. The control mechanism is situated in the head of the war-machine and is controlled by a Necromutant that has been biologically grafted into the mechanism. The Black Widow?s control mechanism also houses the heads and neural chords of two more Necromutants which control the vehicles armaments- two Ashnagaroth Gatling Guns. The Ashnagaroths are capable of firing various munitions, most commonly the zombifying Black Bullets and the armour penetrating ?Maggot Bullets?. Whilst firing, the ammo-drums of the two Ashnagaroth whistle and whine with the unmistakable and terrifying scream of tormented human souls. They appear to blink in and out of existence with the flickering sparks of rapidly ejected bullets. The Black Widow?s spider-like appearance is key to its effect on the human psyche, feeding off an engrained arachnophobia. Black Widow variants have been recorded with anything from three to twelve legs, but six seems most common. Regardless of number, the legs are articulated and work in a similar manner to a fast moving spider, scuttling across all manner of terrain with absolute ease.
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