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It is said of the Nepharite Overlord Alakhai the Cunning that he was first of his kind that Mankind set eyes upon; that in doing so Humanity knew fear as it had never before experienced in any war that was ever raged throughout its turbulent history.

1x Multipart 37mm tall (32mm scale) Resin model

6x Cards

1x 40mm base

Type: Warlord

Model count: 1

Alakhai is known as the most cunning of all Algeroth?s Nepharites. His battle plans and war strategies are nigh impossible to predict or to counter. He engages in numerous distractions and deceptions, all designed to weaken his foe and to render them defenceless at the very moment of the attack. Without even realising his vulnerability, the Nepharite Overlord?s enemy finds his army undermined in every manner imaginable, from deployment to logistics. When Alakhai?s attack comes, it is the killing blow delivered from the darkness. It is the executioner?s strike from the least anticipated quarter. The attack is brutal, overwhelming and unstoppable. His victory, when it inevitably comes, is total.

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