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An enigmatic individual, it is said that the Immortal is the power and brains behind the Cybertronic Megacorporation; if this is true is unclear, but what is certian is that he is a master of combat and is armed with cutting edge weaponry.

1x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model

6x Cards

1x 40mm base

Type: Warlord

Model count: 1

After stabilising his memory and sanity with new, improved microchip technology, the Immortal fights as a leader in many Warzones and is a respected Board Member of the megacorporation. Many years later he is only one of a few founding members of the corporation still in place. He played a key part in the orchestration of the famous ?Ghost Collapse?, the crash of the stock exchange in 1103 Y.C. which saw the fifth megacorporation revealed publically for the first time. Now he is in charge of coordinating almost all of Cybertronic?s military engagements and oversees the two wings of the corporation?s research, namely cybernetic enhancement and biological cloning.

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