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...I watched the metal ?heal? itself while the machine turned to look at me... I swear I saw hate in those machine eyes... nothin?s ever scared me like that.

1x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model

6x Cards

1x 50mm base

Type: Light Vehicle

Model count: 1 - 2 Exterminateur ?Attila? MK.I

The Exterminateur pattern walker has recently been encountered with more and more frequency. Standing at well over 12 feet tall, the machine has humanised proportions and bears a striking similarity to the earliest versions of the Cuirassier ?Attila?.

One of the key reasons for the Exterminateur success is that it is not limited to one tactic, its programming and nature allows it to implement diverse and devastating protocols depending on its opposition?s tactics.

The simple, yet robust logarithm that drives the Exterminateur is counterintuitive to the human mind; not that surprising when one acknowledges that the design team behind the new walker was led by individuals themselves artificial in intelligence. The Cybertronic Corporation has made one of its major steps away from humanity: Artificial Intelligence is now, in a craven imitation of humankind, replicating, and effectively bearing, its own offspring.

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