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Everassur Armour is as sacred an item as the 5th Megacorporation possess. Designed by the Immortal himself, the super-heavy armour is worn by many of Cybertronic's heroes.

1x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model

6x Cards

1x 40mm base

Type: Warlord/Hero

Model count: 1

The finest creations of the innovative ex-Bauhaus scientist, Russolo, are the Cybertronic Everassurs, man-machines of pure battlefield destruction. An Everassur?s left arm is dominated by the RB12-19 Energy Cannon, directly copied from the weapon mounted upon The Immortal. The RB12-19 crackles with electronic energy which is released in devastating blasts, incinerating flesh and sending the diesel-driven engines of the other corporations into flaming infernos. Contrariwise, the right arm ends in a grasping robotic hand that is capable of huge feats of manual destruction. Everassurs can easily tear the armour from heavy tanks and pulverise the unfortunate crew inside to paste.

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