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The Mega Walker of Cybertronic is often fielded in Squads of 3, each is linked to the other via banned technology and controlled by a web of human dentretic cells and cybernetics.

1x Multipart 150mm tall (32mm scale) Resin model

12x Cards (including 6 Heavy Vehicle specific missions)

x1 100mm base

Type: Heavy Vehicle

Model count: 1 - 3

The Eradicator Deathdroid is Cybertronic?s most feared battlefield machine. It is a massive, lumbering robot designed for one purpose ? to bring destruction to everything in its way. Deep within the rounded main body of the Deathdroid is the central processing unit, an amalgamation of human dendrites and microprocessors known as ?The Core?. Protected by layers of highly advanced armour The Core is able to make decisions and react to battlefield conditions, subtly and finely controlling the walking tank in combat.

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