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Although ravaged by time and war, the Diana clone pattern often shows a natural aplitude to lead. The enemy often underestimates her martial prowess charging her with no thought to the nanobot-injector she holds in her dainty hand.

1x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model

6x Cards

1x 40mm base

Type: Warlord/Hero

Model count: 1

Dr Diana is the result of a prolonged and costly series of experiments during which the Cybertronic Corporation sought to perfect its expertise in cloning human tissue, combining the result with advanced bionics and engrammatic neuro-implantation. The cloning portion of the program was based on technology stolen by the Founders, from the Mishima Corporation. Early results produced individuals entirely devoid of personality and individuality, the perfect raw material for Cybertronic?s scientists to experiment on. It was not long before Cybertronic was able to produce individual clone/cyborgs to order, albeit ones with a highly developed, but extremely narrow range of capabilities.

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