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The Dr. Diana clones can be seen in any Warzone the 5th Megacorporation fights in. Each clone is a disarmingly beautiful woman with an unrivalled ability at field repairs of man and machine alike

1x Multipart 32mm scale Resin model

6x Cards

1x 40mm base and 1x 30mm base

Type: Hero/Squad Commander

The Dr Diana pattern Field Medic Unit is a cyber- enhanced clone deployed across the inner worlds wherever the forces of the Cybertronic Corporation operate. As the result of such an advanced and extensive cloning and cybernetics program, there are many Dr Diana units in operation. Each is identical in appearance, having the features of an attractive human woman in her mid-twenties. It has been postulated by the analysts of several other megacorps that Dr Diana?s features are designed to discourage enemy soldiers from firing upon her, perhaps harking back to the age old prohibition against attacking medical personnel in war.

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