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The foot soilders of the Cybertronic Megacorporation have been enhanched, drugged, brainwashed and subdermally armoured, making them near-perfect fighting man-machines.

5x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models

6x Cards

5x 30mm bases

Type: Troops

Model count: 5 - 12 per unit

Chasseurs are the basic cybernetically enhanced combat troops of the Cybertronic Corporation; forming the mainstay of the Security, Warfare and Intelligence division?s armed forces. While all Chasseurs were once fully human, having joined the megacorporation?s army they are equipped with subdermal armour, bionic limbs and numerous neural implants, all of which combine to make them considerably tougher, stronger and faster than a normal human, albeit at the cost of the individual?s essential humanity.

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