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Sanders rides his heavily converted Purple Shark, known as the Blue Shark. Occasionally, when the situation requires it or if the Blue Shark is damaged you will see the Lt. Col. jump into battle in his Martian Banshee armour

2x Multipart 32mm Resin models

7x Cards

1x 50mm base

1x 40mm base

Type: Warlord/Hero

To be a Capitolian is to be driven, to aim for and often achieve lofty goals; even in the direst of situations. Michael ?The Blue Shark? Sanders is the personification of the Capitol way, a man of legend, myth, and hearsay. Some of it is even true. Many a whispered rumour claims an illustrious and diverse career in the Armed Forces. It is true that he has served in many of the Capitol regiments, but certainly not all. Hearsay implies he is one of the best Sea Lions ever known, one of the most daredevil of the Airborne Calvary, and that he has an intuitive interaction with all the K9 hounds he has trained. Sanders has not served in any of these regiments. The truth is that Lt. Col. Sanders was initially enlisted in the lowly Freedom Brigades, joining with his brother CJ; a pair from the ?bottom of the pile?, a duo of grunts, a twosome of cannon fodder. How badly were they underestimated?

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