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With a crew of two, the Orca is a heavily armed walking weapons platform and arguably one of the biggest light vehicles seen in the Warzones of the Solar System

1x Multipart 120mm tall (32mm scale) Resin model

6x Cards

1x 100mm base

Type: Light Vehicle

Model count: 1 per unit

The Capitol Orcas are heavily armoured weapon platforms, easily recognised by their bi-pedal walking system, almost impenetrable front armour and belligerent crewmen. They are an omnipresent element of almost all Capitol ?Armoured Fist? formations. Equally effective as single support units or in small formations, they unleash a torrent of devastating firepower. Unlike the comparatively refined design of the Bauhaus ?Vulcan Battlesuit?, the Orca is a rugged, bulky and perceptibly cumbersome (though effective) design; a prime example of all that the Capitol Armed Forces represent.

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