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The' Mitch Hunter is a living legend, a fighting genius (if such a thing can be stated). A man that seems blessed not only with charisma and good looks, but also much more than his fair share of luck.....

2x Multipart 32mm Resin models

6x Cards

1x 30mm base

1x 40mm base

Mitch Hunter, normally referred to as ?You mean, THE Mitch Hunter??, is a hero of the Capitol Corporation like no other. Celebrated throughout the entire Solar System, he is regarded as a living legend. Mitch is the Captain of the 9th Sea Lions, a unit that like Mitch himself, have a reputation for gung-ho tactics and wild heroics. Mitch always ensures the job gets done, albeit not always in the way that his corporate superiors would have envisaged or wished. It is said that ?When most people would end up dead in a ditch, it ain?t gonna happen ?cause we?re talking about Mitch!? He is more likely to emerge from a violent explosion with a smirk emblazoned upon his face?holding a cute puppy or orphaned child in his arms?with not a single hair upon his head out of place.

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