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The Penal Battalion of the Capitol forces the Free Marines consists of military convicts that would otherwise have been euthanised. Each one is given the chance to atone for their sins by completing five tours with the Free Marines.

5x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models

6x Cards

5x 30mm bases

Model count: 5 - 10 per unit

On the battlefield, the physical and mental endurance of the Free Marines surpasses any other Capitol military force; they are able to fight with an apparent bestial ferocity, juxtaposed perfectly with the quietest of infiltration techniques. Consequentially, the Free Marines excel in near impossible and often suicidal missions that no other Special Forces unit could conceive of successfully achieving. Many infamous heroes of the Capitol Corporation have served as Free Marines at some point in their military career. Two examples, Bob Watts and Jake Kramer, are both held in the highest regard by the entire megaorp. All are known for their strength of body and mind, in addition to their ferocity in the field. Their selfless and compassionate approach to life is the supreme example of the rapport shown by all those that have served in the Free Marines.

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