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Piloted by the best of the maimed from the Brotherhood. Judicator suits enable the critically wounded and bisected to continue to show the Legion and its agents the errors of the Dark and the sancity of the Light.

1x Multipart 60mm tall (32mm scale) Resin model

6x Cards

1x 50mm base

Type: Light Vehicle

Model count: 1-3 per unit

When the Brotherhood goes to war, it does so with a destructive and zealous passion, driven by the word of the Cardinal and all of those that preceded him. The ravages of war do not always take the lives of these indomitable soldiers, for a few still draw breath, though many among these scarce few are encumbered by devastating wounds which render them unable to re-enter the battlefield. This fact alone is enough to enrage the fervent champions of The Brotherhood. It is from these veterans of the Warzones that the Judicators are assembled.

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