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If you catch the Inquisitors attention, be sure your heart is pure of light or be banished! The men and women of the second directive enter the warzone in small groups or while leading the brotherhood troopers, depending on their rank.

3x Multipart 32mm Scale Resin models

6x Cards

3x 40mm bases

Type: Support

Model count: 1 - 4 per unit

Inquisitors are the agents of the Second Directorate of the Brotherhood, supremely faithful, stoic and gifted individuals tasked with leading the fight against the Darkness and uncovering its taint wherever it may lurk within the societies of Mankind. Inquisitors are drawn from all branches of the Second Directorate and they believe that the Darkness is around them always and it is only by constant watchfulness that it can be fended off, or even defeated.

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