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The Custodians of the Cardinal, Sacrificial Angels, the Immortal Guards, these are just a few of the names used to describe the silent, yet fanatical order of the Guardiani Oblati.

2x Multipart 32mm scale Resin models

6x Cards

2x 40mm bases

Type: Support

Model count: 2, 4 or 6 Guardiani Oblati

These elite troops are most commonly known as the Hellvatican Guards, so named because of their training in the Hellvatican Mountains of Luna. Dotted along these mountains are religious temples, monasteries, academies, follies and icons; all built with monumental architectural references taken from ancient texts of Earth. Inside the monasteries recruited ?Dusters? and other wayward souls, all of whom bear an aptitude within the Art, are trained in the ways of the Guardiani Oblati by the Hellvatican Sacerdos, led by Brutus Giammarino, Master of the Guard. From the moment of indoctrination into the order, the minds of the recruits are cleansed and purified. They are guided to the light over many years, to the point where they become fanatical in their devotion to the Brotherhood and most of all, the teachings of the Cardinal. Their former beliefs, lives and concerns are washed away, as each and every cleansed recruit is guided to the devotion needed; they think of nothing but servitude and the ultimate sacrifice for the Light. Eventually they become like automatons; emotionless, killing machines. Their reliance upon the Art manifests throughout their training to the point that they only truly see through it. At this point each of their natural eyes is blinded by a ?Seeing Needle?. Once their eyes have healed they have a ghostly white pearlescent appearance and their devotion to the light is finally assured. The penultimate preparation stage sees the recruits tested one final time. Each and every one in turn places their hands in the Pandordox, an archaic relic of unknown origin which resonates with the power of the Art. The hand-held box-like structure drains the recruit of any feeling of self or human empathy. Some recruits are released almost instantly, others after days. Some never pass, instead they are sent into a never ending loop of madness and torment. Eventually they die in agony or are put out of their misery so that the next recruit can enter. Every Luna year at the same time the Cardinal sends representatives of the First Directorate to replenish Guardiani Oblati stocks. Recruits are selected, it seems, almost by a whim of the representatives. Over the next five years the selected men and women are paired with their armour and ultimately become as one, both in regard to their trained interaction and as Art connections are made. Each suit is equipped with a plethora of close combat weapons built into the forearms of their armoured suits. The Guardiani Oblati select the appropriate weapon via an Art link; a piercing blade against lightly armoured foes, a concussive hammer against the heavily armoured, or a cleansing flame for the biological monstrosities that stride amongst the inhuman hordes of Dark Legion. On the battlefield the elite bodyguards work in pairs, appearing via the Art when their charge most needs them. Once called, they can only be stopped when their foe is completely annihilated. They have no compulsion or concern for their own safety, the life of those whom they must protect being paramount beyond all else. In the rare case they fail in their duty, feedback mechanisms override locking down the armoured suits into a deactivated state, ready for later reclamation. The deactivation slowly crushes the failed Guardiano inside, subjecting him to a slow and painful death.

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