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Inhalt: 30 mL Metallfarbe.

30 mL lacquer gloss primer perfect for high shine metals.

High quality black microfiller and primer. This is the recommended microfiller used before applying high shine metallic paints to ensure proper surface preparation. This color is airbrush ready, no thinning necessary. Spray at 12-15psi and from a distance of 2-3 inches from the surface in light misted coats. The surfaces to be painted must be thoroughly clean and free from dust, grease, oil and finger prints. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors and ensure adequate ventilation. Apply a primer before use. Primers should be lightly polished with 1000/1200 wet & dry paper to give a less absorbent smooth surface. Clean airbrush with A.MIG-8200 (307 Lacquer thinner and cleaner).

This is the recommended priming product used before applying high shine metallic paints.

Primer manufactured by Alclad II according its original formulation and now distributed by AMMO of Mig Jimenez as well.
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