AK Acrylics Sets (Brush + Airbrush) 18 Items

AK-Interactive modulation sets are specially designed for painting vehicles. They contain a paint specially diluted to create the necessary transparency to paint a model using this technique. Each set contains 6 colours for a soft transition of colour in 1/35 or larger scales. You can use fewer colours for smaller scales. On the back of the box, you can find a small guide with step by step photos which tell you the steps that are needed to achieve the desired results. The AFV series also has in its line the real colours. You can obtain these colours separately or in sets or blisters. These colours are a special and exclusive range as they have been developed and researched with great care. They are the best product for the most demanding modellers. The different colours included in these sets are RAL colours, Federal Standard, etc. which are used by the different armed forces of the world in all areas and also for civilian use. Use these paints with the guarantee that they have been developed by experts. Many of them have a ?scale reduction factor? to realistically paint your models. The boxes contain on the back examples and profiles of these colours to serve as reference.
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