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Spezielles Acryl Farben Set mit 8 Airbrushfarben. Inhalt: 8 Farben zu je 17 mL Tropffläschchen.

WW2 IJN Aircraft Colors is a set of eight acrylic paints essential for painting the authentic colors used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force during World War Two. Our new colors have been carefully researched for accuracy by the author of the famous ?Aviation of Japan? blog. Included are six basic colors for painting the exterior surfaces and two standard interior colors. A profile guide is printed on the backside of the box. Our paints are not only historically accurate and specially formulated with top quality components; they also have been designed taking into account the scale reduction effect*. Our acrylic paints are ready to use straight from the bottle; simply shake, and the paint is ready to go. Dilution is not necessary when airbrushing AK acrylic paints; however, when painting camouflage or fine lines, add a few drops of our specially formulated thinner AK712. Useful for all acrylic paints, the AK712 improves the performance of the paint and is vastly superior to most other available thinners, resulting in a greater degree of coverage when applied by brush.

This set contains:

AK2261 #1 Hairyokushoku (Grey-Green)
AK2262 #3 Hairanshoku (Blue-Grey)
AK2263 #7 Ohryoku Nana Go Shoku (Olive Brown)
AK2264 #21 Midori Iro (Green)
AK2265 #27 Ao Midori Iro (Blue Green)
AK2266 #29 Ki Midori Iro (Yellow Green)
AK2267 #30 Karekusa Iro (Dry Grass Colour)
AK2268 #31 Cha Kasshoku (Tea Colour)

*A model aircraft reflects less light than an actual full size aircraft; this means the color applied to the model must be of a lighter shade to look the same as the full sized version. If the same color tones were applied to each, the model would appear darker as it reflects less light.
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